Welcome to the world of crosswords! It is a land filled with words, puns, and mind-teasers. Today, we are going to talk about one commonly seen crossword clue that can be confusing to solve: disagreement or clash.

If you are an avid solver, you might know that this clue can be referred to as a “filler clue” – a clue that is not specific and can fit various answers. Let`s take a look at some possible answers for this crossword clue.

Firstly, we have the word “dispute.” Dispute is defined as a disagreement, argument, or debate between two or more parties. It fits the bill perfectly for this crossword clue, and you can easily form words around its letters.

Next, we have the word “discord.” Discord is defined as a lack of harmony between people or things. It can also be used to describe a disagreement or clash. It has a great assortment of letters that can be formed into many different words.

Another possible answer is “strife.” Strife is a conflict or struggle between opposing forces, and it can fit this crossword clue perfectly. Its five letters make it easy to form other words around it.

Finally, for something a little different, we have “tussle.” Tussle means a physical fight or struggle, but it can also be used to describe a verbal disagreement. Its six letters make it optimal for forming many different words around it.

When it comes to solving crossword puzzles, it`s essential to remember that a clue may have multiple possible answers. It`s all about finding the one that best fits the other clues and keeps the overall puzzle coherent.

In summary, the crossword clue “disagreement or clash” can have several answers, including “dispute,” “discord,” “strife,” and “tussle.” Keep these options in mind the next time you`re struggling to solve a crossword puzzle. Happy solving!